Facebook Goes NASDAQ for IPO

Sorry, NYSE, but you're still no Brad Pitt.


It appears NASDAQ’s campaign to convince Facebook to list its I.P.O. with them over the New York Stock Exchange has proven successful: inside sources told the New York Times today that Facebook has chosen NASDAQ. “The social network will list its shares on the Nasdaq under ticker symbol ‘FB,’ according to people familiar with the matter, who demanded anonymity because the discussions were private,” said the Times.

The New York Stock Exchange has attracted many of the top technology companies, including LinkedIn and Pandora, but NASDAQ was the more historical choice. And let us not forget NASDAQ counterpart Robert Cooey’s star-studded smackdown of the NYSE, “Just because I could say ‘I’m 6 foot 2 and I look like Brad Pitt’ doesn’t mean it’s true.”

We’re happy to hear of this decision, because it means that NASDAQ’s pom-pom waving, vaguely nauseating “What it means to be made in NYC” video was not all for naught. Facebook chose NASDAQ, so now maybe other technology companies will buck the NYSE trend, list with NASDAQ and we’ll never again have to watch another video with the un-ironic line, “I start my day with a game of squash with one of my investors.”

Please? Do it for us?

Facebook Goes NASDAQ for IPO