Finding Common Cause With The Post, Gillibrand Takes On Geese

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand introduced legislation today that would cut bureaucratic red tape to remove Canada geese who can damage passenger airplanes taking off from New York City airports.

The move comes after the “Miracle on the Hudson” landing in 2009 and after a Los Angeles bound Delta jet had to make an emergency landing at JFK due to a bird strike and after a JetBlue Palm Beach bound jet leaving from Westchester County airport last night had to make an emergency landing.

And, it should be noted, it puts Ms. Gillibrand on the right side of the editors of The New York Post.

Four days ago, an editorial there decried “Bird-Brained Bureaucrats” and called for exactly the kind of streamlining that Ms. Gillibrand is trying to put into law. This has been a hobby-horse of The Post for a while now.  Soon after the “Miracle on the Hudson,” the paper decried “The Goose Menance” at JFK and urged action.

The paper has not always been kind to Ms. Gillibrand, who is facing a general election campaign against the winner of a three-way Republican primary. Earlier this year they parroted the line of attack from one of her opponents, Bob Turner, and starting counting down the days until she would following President Barack Obama and flip on her opposition to the Keystone Pipeline.  And the paper used to refer to her as “Tweety Bird” due to what they say is her willingness to do the bidding of Sen. Chuck Schumer. 

Ms. Gillibrand seems unlikely to get The Post’s support regardless, but her bill would expedite the removal of the Canada geese by requiring USDA to act within 90 days of a determination by the FAA Administrator that Canada Geese residing on National Park Service lands within 5 miles of a commercial airport pose a threat to flight safety.

“We cannot afford to sit back and wait for a catastrophe to occur before cutting through bureaucratic red tape between federal agencies,” said Senator Gillibrand. “We cannot and should not wait another day to act while public safety is at risk.”


Finding Common Cause With The Post, Gillibrand Takes On Geese