Flickr Launches New HTML5 Uploader, Increases File Size Limits

Now drag-and-droppy and all black.

A peek at the new Flickr Uploadr.

The photo-sharing service continues to roll out updates to a long-stagnant product with a faster, prettier uploading page. The new Flickr photo and video uploader allows users to drag and drop files into the browser and then drag thumbnail previews around to reorder photos before they hit your photostream. Users can also zoom, rotate or sort photos by title from the new so-called Uploadr, which was announced this afternoon.

The old Flickr Uploadr.

Flickr also improved speed of uploads, claiming a 20 to 30 percent improvement and more for international users, and also recently upped the allowed file size to 50MB for Pro users and 30MB for free users, from previous limits of 20MB and 15MB respectively.

The changes will roll out to all users over the next few weeks, Flickr said in a press release.

Flickr’s changes are moving it in the right direction, but it still has a long way to go. The other day Betabeat tried to upload some photos on an iPad. There’s no Flickr iPad app, so we had to use the Flickr iPhone app and it was blown up 2x and all fuzzy. Hate that. Flickr Launches New HTML5 Uploader, Increases File Size Limits