Former Esquire Publisher Really, Really Likes Trump Tower

If it's not broken...

Is 1 Central Park West the sexiest residential tower alive? Not in our opinion, but former Esquire publisher Alan Greenberg, who’s now the president of Avenues: the World School, a for-profit school set to open this fall in Chelsea, certainly seems to think so.

Mr. Greenberg and his wife Joy have traded their 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo on the 25 floor of Trump International Hotel and Tower for a 3-bedroom, 3 1/2-bath on the 30th floor.

The Greenbergs bought their new place (which is nearly twice the size as the old one) for $10.6 million, according to city records, less than a month after the apartment was listed for $11 million with Sotheby’s broker Roger Erikson. (News of the planned swap was first reported by The Real Deal earlier this month, but not the details of the sale).

We’re guessing that the Greenbergs may have had their eye on the larger unit for quite some time. And while such activities could put the couple in danger of breaking a commandment—thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house—we hardly think the neighbors minded. The selling price was a smidgen less than the ask, but it was still a pretty penny more than the $6.4 million the sellers (the Beverly Hills-based Aloha Lane Investors—whoever they are) paid for the property back in 2004.

And for the Greenbergs, at least, the building has proven to be something of a cash cow. The couple’s current apartment, which they put on the market a day before closing on the larger space, looks like it may yield more than double the $2.25 million they spent when they bought it in 2000. Last listed for $5.75 million, it’s already in contract. Things move fast at Trump Tower.

When Mr. Greenberg listed the couple’s apartment this March, he told The Real Deal that he and his wife were looking for more space so that their recently-born grandson could visit frequently.

Besides space, the new place also offers lacquered walls, “dramatic lighting” and a “stunning powder room,” according to the listing. Also, while it’s hardly a change of scenery, we’d also guess five stories up may offer slightly better views.

Former Esquire Publisher Really, Really Likes Trump Tower