Gillibrand To Fundraise With John Kerry and Chris Ward

A reader passed along what appears to be an infrastructure-themed fundraiser for U. S. Kirsten Gillibrand.

On the host committee are some of the top engineers and building trades types in the state, including Richard T. Anderson of the New York Building Congres, Raymond P. Daddazio of the engineering firm Weidlinger Associates, Michael F. McNally, CEO of Skanska, and Michael Zetlin the founding partner of a law firm bearing his name that specializes in real estate and construction.

Also listed on the host committee is Christopher Ward, the former Port Authority chief who was pushed aside by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Sen. John Kerry is listed as a “special guest.” The Massachusetts senator has been pushing the BUILD Act, which includes a National Infrastructure Bank. Ms. Gillibrand has signed on, and has been pushing for more infrastructure investment in New York.

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Gillibrand To Fundraise With John Kerry and Chris Ward