Gov. and Assembly Dems spar over tax cut proposals

TRENTON – A war of percentages is brewing between Gov. Chris Christie and Assembly Democrats over competing tax relief proposals

The governor told members of a town hall meeting today that the Assembly’s plan is disingenuous because it’s marketed as a 20 percent tax credit, though the impact falls shy of 20 percent in actual relief, according to his office.

“When you do the math, they think like you’re stupid and you’re not going to do the math,” Christie said. “They’re lying to you. They’re playing the oldest scam in the book – they’re hoping you won’t read the fine print.”

Christie said that under the Assembly plan residents would lose out on any current Homestead Rebates they receive.

A family with a household income of $50,000 who claims the 20 percent credit would actually receive a property tax credit of about 8.3 percent, Christie said.

“So when the Assembly Democrats say they’re giving you 20 percent property tax relief and they’re going to raise income taxes at the same time on business in this state – which is going to put a screeching halt to job creation in this state – be careful,” he said.

In response to the governor’s statements, Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald, (D-6), Voorhees, called Christie’s remarks inaccurate.

“There he goes again,” Greenwald said, “(The governor is) misleading the public on his income tax scheme and showing how truly out-of-touch he is with the property tax crisis facing New Jersey’s middle-class and seniors.”

Assembly Democrats say their plan has always been described as an option for a 20 percent property tax relief credit, saying it’s never been marketed as an additional 20 percent on top of any rebates. Plan versus plan, they say, middle-class families would benefit more under their proposal.

“Then again, it’s not surprising Gov. Christie would twist the facts when it comes to his love for tax cuts for millionaires and his opposition to property tax relief,” Greenwald said in a release. “New Jersey’s middle class needs the 20 percent property tax relief credit proposed by the Assembly Democrats and seniors need the 25 percent property tax relief credit.”

The governor has proposed an across-the-board 10 percent income tax cut. 

The Senate Democrats have proposed a property tax cut plan that does not include the millionaire’s tax that the Assembly Democrats’ plan includes. Gov. and Assembly Dems spar over tax cut proposals