Hakeem Jeffries Would Like Ed Towns’ Endorsement

Hakeem Jeffries and Ed Towns (Photo: NY1)

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries had critical words to describe incumbent Congressman Ed Towns when the two were competing against one another, but now that Mr. Towns has bowed out, Mr. Jeffries is paying a healthy respect to his record and is seeking his endorsement.

“I commend him for his 30 years of service and the decision that he’s made at this point to move on, and I wish him well at this next stage of his professional career,” Mr. Jeffries told Errol Louis on Inside City Hall earlier tonight.

“Well I certainly hope to talk to him over the next couple days,” Mr. Jeffries said in response as to whether he would like to have Mr. Towns’ formal backing. “I would welcome his support, he has a lot of knowledge and information about the congressional district, the neighborhoods he’s represented for the last 30 years.”

“There’s a significant number of challenges that people face,” he added. “His knowledge, understanding, and wisdom as to how to go about solving some of those problems, would be something that I would welcome.”

As recently as last Saturday, however, Mr. Jeffries was slightly more skeptical about Mr. Towns’ record, calling him the “candidate of the Washington special interests.”

“Well, we know what we’ve gotten over the last 30 years from the Congressperson, and again, I respect his service,” he told reporters after his campaign headquarters opening. “You can’t continue to do the same thing and expect different results.”

Mr. Jeffries appears likely to be facing off directly against bombastic Councilman Charles Barron for the nomination, but we won’t know the whole field until midnight tonight when all of the candidates have submitted their petitions to be on the ballot.

For his part, Mr. Towns told Inside City Hall he had not decided if he would back a candidate to replace him.

Hakeem Jeffries Would Like Ed Towns’ Endorsement