Help a Carnegie International Co-Curator With His Research

The Carnegie Museum of Art on the opening night of the 1999/2000 International. (Courtesy real00/Flickr)

Daniel Baumann, one of the curators at work on the 2013 Carnegie International, has posted a request for assistance on the exhibition’s superb blog. He is looking for information about an artist named Hisachika Takahashi (b. 1940). Here’s a bit of what he knows:

“He worked with Lucio Fontana on a really great Concetto Spaziale painting in 1966, he collaborated with Robert Rauschenberg for a show in Israel and was his assistant, and he is mentioned within the context of New York’s alternative art space 112 Workshop and was in a group show at White Columns in 1972. The most complete entry I found is this. Takahashi seemed to have cooked at Gordon Matta-Clark’s Food restaurant in the 1970s, so is the artist the same as the chef?”

A quick online search turns up a mention in Calvin Tomkins’s Rauschenberg biography, Off the Wall, and a Food & Wine article from 1999 about an eggplant dish that he often made for the artist. Mysterious stuff!

If you have more to contribute, Mr. Baumann would like to hear from you.

Help a Carnegie International Co-Curator With His Research