In Wake of Ed Towns’ Retirement, Charles Barron Stays Focused On Himself

Charles Barron, who tried to forcibly retire Ed Towns in 2006 when he challenged him for Congress, didn’t much want to pay tribute to the longtime rep today.

“I have nothing to say about Mr. Towns. I have always felt I would be the better person for that position and I have continually opposed Mr. Towns,” Mr. Barron said in an interview.

Mr. Barron went on to talk about his work in the district, saying that he had built more affordable housing, parks and schools than either Mr. Towns or his now only primary opponent, Hakeem Jeffries. 

“I think people need to write more about that. I show up. If you walk the three of us in these neighborhoods and see who people come up to, who people recognize and hear what they say, they will mention all the places I’ve been.  So that is what I think needs to be printed instead of me saying something about Towns or Jeffries. More needs to be said about my effective leadership.”

The bulk of labor and party support had been rallying to Mr. Jeffries’ side in recent weeks, and with Mr. Towns out of the race, that support is likely to turn into a flood.

Mr. Barron said he was unconcerned. The campaign plans to turn in over 6,000 signatures today, he said, and he hopes that grassroots support makes up for a lack of funds.

“I intend to win. I intend to work hard,” he said. “Whether [Mr. Towns.] stays in or drops out or substitutes somebody else’s name for his, whatever the schemes are, whatever is going on we are staying laser focused on the great reception our campaign has received thus far in the streets with the people that really count.”




In Wake of Ed Towns’ Retirement, Charles Barron Stays Focused On Himself