Jeffrey Gottlieb Was Previously Gathering Signatures for Grace Meng

Grace Meng

In Assemblyman Rory Lancman’s press release denouncing the entry of Jeffrey Gottlieb into the Democratic field, Mr. Lancman claimed Mr. Gottlieb was previously gathering signatures for Assemblywoman Grace Meng’s now-rival congressional campaign, a fact confirmed to The Politicker earlier this morning by the president of the JFK Democratic club in Queens, Herb Ryan.

However, Mr. Ryan said it was merely because Mr. Gottlieb always heads the club’s signature-gathering efforts on behalf of whatever candidate is endorsed by the Queens Democratic establishment. The Queens Democratic Party endorsed Ms. Meng just before she announced her candidacy a couple weeks ago.

“He takes care of all of the petitions for the JFK Club, and the club supports county,” Mr. Ryan explained. He wasn’t immediately aware of whether Mr. Gottlieb would continue to work on Ms. Meng’s behalf.

The spokesman for Ms. Meng’s campaign, Michael Tobman, declined to comment on Mr. Gottlieb’s candidacy, but hinted in an email that Mr. Lancman’s outrage might be somewhat selectively enforced.

“Though I would remind you that Assemblyman Lancman earlier pressed strongly for the support of the Queens County Democratic Organization, the same collection of accomplished elected officials and activists he’s now denouncing based on theory and conjecture,” Mr. Tobman said.

A fourth candidate, Councilwoman Liz Crowley is also competing for the Democratic nomination.

Jeffrey Gottlieb Was Previously Gathering Signatures for Grace Meng