John Derbyshire Still Writing for Taki Mag

John Derbyshire, happy man (

Despite the media brouhaha that led to his “parting ways” from the National Review over charges of racism, John Derbyshire is back blogging at the Taki Mag. The online ‘zine, owned by Taki Theodoracopulos, is where Mr. Derbyshire posted the original offending article, The Talk: Nonblack Version. Less than 72 hours after we discovered the piece, he was out of a job.

But no worries! Mr. Derbyshire doesn’t stay down for long, and according to his new post on Taki, he’s become very interested in the study of happiness. (Which, obviously, knows no color boundaries).

While throwing together a sort of hodge-podge of studies, quotes, and poetry about the art of happiness in a piece called “The Endless Pursuit of Happiness” posted on April 19th, Mr. Derbyshire seems quite determined to prove to the world that he’s not down and out quite yet:

I feel sure I have been happy quite often, and while sober, too: mountain hiking on a fresh, bright morning; at ease among old friends; in love’s embraces; among my family on quiet snowbound winter evenings; at the completion of some difficult task or the solution of some knotty problem; or in a festive crowd of strangers celebrating some common triumph or joy. Not much of everyday life rises to the level of positive happiness, but some of it does.

A festive crowd of strangers? Just make sure they’re all white! Greek/Italians are okay too, Hispanics are borderline, and the French? *Spits*

The only sign that Mr. Derbyshire is even recognizing his recent firing comes at the end of his piece, where he adds the addendum:

(Note: Concerning the flap over my April 5 Taki’s Mag column, I have nothing more to say that will fit into the normal format. Such occasional things as I do have to say I am putting on an ad hoc Web page on my own website, with a link from my home page. We now resume our scheduled programming.)

Maybe Mr. Theodoracopulos has offered Mr. Derbyshire that job at Taki Mag full time after all. Why else would he be so happy?
John Derbyshire Still Writing for Taki Mag