Jumaane Williams Jokingly Joins The New York Knicks

Jumaane Williams (Photo: Facebook)

Jumaane Williams made the best April Fool’s day prank we’ve seen so far this year from any New York politician . The Brooklyn Council member, who has emerged as a sharp critic of the Bloomberg administration since being elected in 2009, issued a prank statement today announcing he was “signed by the New York Knicks to a ten day contract.” Mr. William’s press release claimed he was asked to join the team “shortly following the announcement that starting point guard Jeremy Lin would be out for the remainder of the regular season.”

“It will be far easier to win an NBA championship than to convince Mayor Bloomberg to restore budget cuts to our youth and seniors,” Mr. Williams said. “The Garden may be missing ‘Linsanity’ over the next several weeks, but I hope to bring some ‘Jumaanity’ of my own.”

In his statement Mr. Williams noted the fact he has been “a Knicks fan my entire life.”

“Any way that I can help our push to the playoffs will be extra special,” Ms. Williams said.

Mr. Williams concluded his statement by admitting it was an April Fool’s day joke.

“Happy April Fool’s Day, New York City!” he said. Jumaane Williams Jokingly Joins The New York Knicks