Kickstarter Campaigns Are Now Hiring Publicists


The ODOC iPhone and iPod dock. (

As Kickstarter grows, now with multiple million-dollar and multi-million dollar projects, the insidious forces of capitalism that ruin all things pure and DIY are sneaking in. This morning Betabeat received our first press release about an unfunded Kickstarter campaign raising $70,000 for a new iPhone dock. Heretofore, the vast majority of Kickstarter’s press has been from virality and word of mouth. “Any interest in information or images for post?” the rep, from OrangePR, asked in an email. First of all, no, it’s all on the Kickstarter page. But we’re wondering how much of the funding raised on Kickstarter will go toward paying that PR agency.

Full press release:

It’s safe to say the world has no shortage of iPhone docks. You’d think with the variety of choices, it would be easier to find a dock worthy of your iPhone – something with a clean, functional design and made of solid, quality materials to complement the form of the iPhone itself.

ODOC is that product – an ergonomic iPhone dock with simple, clean style that you don’t have to be embarrassed to keep out in plain sight. Currently a project on Kickstarter, ODOC features a compact cylinder form with a ball-bearing mechanism that locks in five different positions to easily set the desired angle for viewing and using the phone’s touchscreen display. This function allows users to easily use video calling, Facetime, or simply type an email while the iPhone is charging.

The sturdy, weighted dock allows for single-handed iPhone removal and will hold and charge the iPhone with or without a case – and includes multiple backrests to give any case or naked iPhone the perfect fit.

You can view a video about the ODOC, and learn more here:

Any interest in information or images for post?


Kickstarter Campaigns Are Now Hiring Publicists