Kim Dotcom, Recording Industry’s Arch Enemy, is Releasing an Album

Proof that millionaires can do anything they put their money to.

Mr. Dotcom performing "Megaupload Mega Song"

Hot on the heels of his celebrity-crammed hit track “Megaupload Mega Song,” Megaupload founder and 50 Cent aficionado Kim Dotcom is releasing an album, according to TorrentFreak.

Mr. Dotcom had his bail limits modified today and has been granted Internet access, as well as permission to make two trips a week to a recording studio in Auckland, where he can continue to work on an album featuring “several international artists.”

Megaupload’s theme song, which Mr. Dotcom released last December in conjunction with several famous artists including Kanye West, and P.Diddy, has been viewed over 14 million times on YouTube. It’s one of those annoyingly catchy jingles that will have you beating your head against the wall while whisper-screaming “MEGAAAAAA” in just a few hours’ time.

This mysterious album raises so many questions: Will it sound like the Mega theme song, or will it veer into another genre completely (though we can’t really see Mr. Dotcom going the country route); will the album cover feature Mr. Dotcom big pimpin’ in a hot tub; and will he be forced to sue himself for hosting it on Megaupload? (So meta.)

The TorrentFreak commenters seem as perplexed as we are about the logistics surrounding purchasing the album.

“If his music ain’t free, should we pirate it?” wrote a commenter named Devil’s Advocate. “Yes, I know… think of the children.”

“Fuck him and the children,” responded another anonymous commenter. “I aint buying shit !!!11!!!”

New Megaupload slogan, perhaps?

Kim Dotcom, Recording Industry’s Arch Enemy, is Releasing an Album