Last Week In Betabeat: Poachables, Standing Desks and New York’s Female Founder Ratio

Too busy to check your daily Betabeat? First of all, meet our newest staffer, Kelly Faircloth. And now, here are the highlights from last week, as selected by the editors.

• Betabeat’s Spring 2012 Most Poachable Players in Tech
Welcome to our Spring 2012 edition of the Most Poachable Players in Tech, a list of the most fearless devs, designers and tech whizzes you should be clamoring to snap up for your company.

• The Great Erection: Standing Desks Are On the Rise
Standing up at work.

• Damn, Girl: New York Has Almost Double The Female Founders
Silicon Valley comes from Mars, New York comes from Venus.

 Introducing The Listserve, a Giant List Only One Person Can Email Per Day
 10gen CTO Eliot Horowitz on the Rise of MongoDB, Partnering with Red Hat, and Hiring in a Talent Crunch
 Facebook Acquires Instagram For $1 B. Just Days After a $50 M. Investment From Sequoia, Thrive, and Greylock
 Breaking the Digital Glass Ceiling as a Young Black Woman in Tech
 Jack Leidlein, First Round’s New Head of Talent, Wants To Hire You
 Help the SEC Crowdsource Its Crowdfunding Rules
• Facebook Would Rather Brands Pay for Advertising Than Use Brand Pages
• STAND DOWN: Iran’s ‘Clean Internet’ Rumor Started With a Hoax

• Sorry, But the Lesson of Instagram Is Not: Teach Yourself to Code and You, Too, Can Get $400 M.
• Instagram and the Age of Upsets
 Was Ashton Kutcher High Being Really Dumb During This Interview About Dwolla?
• Try the Punch! iPad Mag Does Pop Culture as Game
 This 3D Printer Sells for $4,000 and Prints Chocolate Instead of Plastic
• Get to the Good Part: Hacker Invents a Way to Search Netflix For Nudity, Calls It BateFlix
 10 Startups, Ranked in Order of Hotness
 Why Twitter Shut Down the Fame Game

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