Marc Jancou Adds Another $20 M. to His Sotheby’s Cady Noland Lawsuit

"Cowboys Milking" (1990) by Cady Noland, the work withdrawn by the auction house.

Dealer Marc Jancou has fired off a new legal volley in his battle against Sotheby’s and artist Cady Noland, filing new papers that allege an additional $20 million in damages for “breach of fiduciary duty,” according to Blouin Artinfo. The new sum is directed at the auction house and, with the $26 million from his initial filing, brings the total value of his lawsuit to $46 million.

We’ve yet to get our hands on the court documents ourselves, but here’s a nice tidbit from Artinfo’s analysis regarding Ms. Noland’s notorious reclusiveness—apparently it was difficult to even serve her these new papers:

…a representative says he had to visit her New York apartment no less than four times in an attempt to serve her legal papers. The first time, he wrote in an affidavit, the artist “refused to come down or let me in the building to serve the papers.” Finally, after three further unsuccessful attempts, he was let in by another tenant, sliding the papers under Noland’s door.

Mr. Jancou sued the artist and the auction house after Ms. Noland disowned a lot that Mr. Jancou was set to sell during a major day sale this past fall. The day after his piece was to have hit the block, a piece by Ms. Noland, Oozewald (1989), sold for a new artist record: $6.6 million with premium. The Baer Faxt newsletter broke the news of this lawsuit back in February. Marc Jancou Adds Another $20 M. to His Sotheby’s Cady Noland Lawsuit