Met Director Thomas Campbell Speaks Only English in New Audio Tour

Mr. Campbell. (Courtesy Jason Kempin/Getty)

The days of touring the Metropolitan Museum of Art while listening to the soothing patrician voice of former director Philippe de Montebello are over. The museum has released a new tour with a voiceover featuring director Thomas Campbell, The New York Times reports.

Reporter Carol Vogel notes that, while Mr. de Montebello recorded versions of the tour in five of the eight languages offered by the museum, Mr. Campbell speaks only English in this new edition.

The Times has additional details about the museum’s related programs:

“There’s no question that we are seeing a transition more and more toward the use of smart phones,” Mr. Campbell said in a telephone interview. “And we are in the process of wiring our galleries so people can download tours from our Web site to their phones.” Realizing that an institution like the Met can be daunting, especially to first-time visitors, Mr. Campbell said, the new guide offers more of a walking tour than simply a run-through of greatest hits. His version is filled with anecdotes from the museum’s 142-year history. Users can visit parts of the museum as they wish or take a tour that gives them a broad sampling.

Update, 8:30 p.m.: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that audio tours were produced in 11 languages. They were not. Floor plans are printed in 11 languages.

Met Director Thomas Campbell Speaks Only English in New Audio Tour