Moratorium on adult day health service applications to be extended under proposed rule

TRENTON – The Department of Health and Senior Services has proposed extending a moratorium on applications for new or expanded adult day health services facilities in New Jersey until Nov. 1, 2012.

“The moratorium is extended to allow managed care organizations to gain experience with adult day health to provide feedback to the Department regarding the capacity of existing facilities,” said Donna Leusner, spokesperson for the Department of Health and Senior Services.

“Medicaid-funded adult medical day care was to be moved under managed care last July 1, however, because of delays, enrollment of medical day care clients into managed care organizations did not occur until Oct. 1, 2011.

“Once feedback from managed care organizations is received, the Department will evaluate the need for amendments to its rules prior to lifting the moratorium.”

The proposal states that there is not a pressing need for more applications.

“There has been a dramatic growth in the number of licensed slots available since an earlier moratorium was lifted on October 1, 2006…with even more slots and facilities pending in the licensing pipeline,” according to the rule. “There continues to be adequate access to ADHS facilities, and the Department is not aware of any facilities with waiting lists or access issues.”

The Department has licensed 12,701 ADHS slots in 134 facilities with applications pending for over 4,800 additional slots, according to the rule proposal.

The rule moratorium applies to applications for new facilities, relocations of an unlicensed facility, and the operation of more than one shift at existing or new facilities.

Moratorium on adult day health service applications to be extended under proposed rule