Morning Links: ‘Art Attack’ Edition

Mr. Campbell. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Metropolitan Museum Director Thomas Campbell earned $1 million last year. [Bloomberg Businessweek] [The Met has asked us to clarify that most of this was non-salary compensation. His salary only increased two percent this year.]

Julian Schnabel has a new girlfriend. [Page Six]

Rashid Johnson’s solo show opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. [HuffPo]

Bob Nickas asks, “Why won’t Jeff Koons leave us alone?” The writer/curator is not a fan of the artist’s proposed Train sculpture over the High Line. [Vice]

Takashi Murakami eats junk food to relax. [WSJ]

“W’burg has art attack,” the Post proclaims. Many of the Williamsburg’s original artist settlers, gentrifiers, are trying to avoid being pushed out of the neighborhood by new luxury developments. [NYP]

Gabriel Ritter, a Ph.D. student at the University of California, Los Angeles, has been named assistant curator of contemporary art at the Dallas Museum of Art. [Dallas Art News]

The Guardian tackles the growing art scene in the Gulf. It’s just another way to talk about Qatar, though. [The Guardian]

Morning Links: ‘Art Attack’ Edition