Morning Links: Terry Richardson Shoots Marquees Edition

Terry Richardson, Broadway Street in North Beach. (Courtesy Terry Richardson's Diary)

The Philadelphia Inquirer checks in on how the Barnes’s move to its new Philadelphia home is doing with just three weeks before opening day. The project coordinator has “no time for breakfast, an ice coffee barely touched” in the opening scene. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

The Guardian reports on Frieze’s arrival in New York, and its potential run-in with Occupy protestors. [The Guardian]

A brief history of the rise of found objects in contemporary art. [NYT]

The Smithsonian takes a look at major changes in the 20th century as reflected through the work of 43 black artists. [Washington Post]

The Journal profiles Sotheby’s CEO Bill Ruprecht and reveals he “attended a number of universities and briefly studied to become, variously, a geologist, a molecular biologist, a mathematician and a veterinarian, before finally getting a degree in sculpture and studio arts from the University of Vermont.” [WSJ]

The Guardian profiles William Klein. [Guardian]

The L.A. Times looks at how Los Angeles institutions have changed since the riots in that city 20 years ago. [LA Times]

The characteristics of the Occupy cultural zeitgeist, analyzed. [BBC News]

Terry Richardson’s artful shots of marquees at North Beach. [Terry Richardson’s Diary]

MoMA spent $51 million on acquisitions last year. [Art Market Monitor]

Novelist Orhan Pamuk makes a real museum out of his novel The Museum of Innocence. [NYT]

In case you missed it: Met director Thomas P. Campbell enjoys classic sci-fi like “Blade Runner” and Aliens. [NYT] Morning Links: Terry Richardson Shoots Marquees Edition