Morning Read: McCain Pushes Bloomie on Mitt; Mayor Kelly Drumbeat Grows; Gingrich Swan Song?

A Daily News poll shows that Ray Kelly has the highest favorability of any potential 2013 mayoral candidate.

And an NY1 Marist Poll gives Christine Quinn a big lead over her Democratic rivals. 

John McCain lobbied Mike Bloomberg yesterday to back Mitt Romney for president. 

The state is considering turning over care of the developmentally disabled to a non-profit in the wake of a series of oversight scandals.

An 11-page press release and 14-speaker news conference heralded the new NYU applied sciences campus to an abandoned MTA building in downtown Brooklyn. Critics said that it was a giveaway to NYU and a loss for transit riders.

Bloomberg pushed back against efforts by Lew Fidler to shutter the city’s Design Commission. 

Bill Hammond dings the Andrew Cuomo spin machine. 

Chuck Schumer is pushing the embattled GSA over what is delaying their taking over of their lease at 1WTC.

A major initiative of Andrew Cuomo’s when he was attorney general that was designed to increase coverage for out-of-network care has backfired, and led to a massive spike in premiums.

Clyde Williams accused Charlie Rangel of pushing him off the ballot. 

Pedro Espada is highly unlikely to testify at his corruption trial.

Today is the New York primary, and it is expected to be a snoozer. 

It could be curtains for Newt Gingrich, however. 

Barack Obama is outraising Mitt Romney in New York.

Andrew Cuomo defended the appointment of David Paterson to the MTA board. 

Larry Seabrook compared the current minimum wage to slavery.

Christine Quinn and Julissa Ferreras greenlighted $20,000 to build an app to report street harassment. 

The landlords who brought the rent control case that the Supreme Court declined to hear yesterday say that the policy amounted to a taking of their property.

Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand joined The Daily News’ Citizenship NOW initiative to help immigrants through problems with green cards and visas.

Even prime neighborhoods like the Upper East Side have their share of abandoned and neglected buildings. 

On a routine site visit, two HPD workers smelled a gas leak and averted what could have been a tragedy. 

Latest hipster undertaking: bocce.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are going after the youth vote, but as The Fix points out, it isn’t so much that Obama got more young people to vote in 2008 as he got more young people to vote for him.

Potential Veep pick Nikki Haley has dismal poll numbers. 

John Dickerson argued that Marco Rubio may lack the experience to be the Veep pick.

With the primary season over, the money race begins in earnest. 

Morning Read: McCain Pushes Bloomie on Mitt; Mayor Kelly Drumbeat Grows; Gingrich Swan Song?