Morning Read: Romney Sweep; Unhappiness Over Schools; Weiner Jokes

Mitt Romney swept a series of northeastern primaries last night, including in New York, where he won 62 percent of a low turnout primary.

Christine Quinn dishes (a little) on her upcoming nuptials.

Add Mike Lupica to the Ray Kelly for mayor bandwagon: “Go back across the history of the city and try to find another police commissioner you think could get a 77% approval rating even serving half as long as Kelly has.”

Top Republicans like Peter King, Michael Grimm and Marty Golden think Kelly should run.

Voters want a new direction for city schools from the next mayor. 

At the Women’s National Republican Club awards dinner, Andrea Tantaros held up a cocktail wiener and and made an Anthony Weiner joke: “You’ll recognize this from the cocktail hour. It’s a little wiener. It’s in a symbolic silver tray, too.”

Senate Democrats laid off more than 300 staffers, but Paul Rivera, a top aide to John Sampson, just got a $50,000 bump in pay.

In calling for an investigation into those that took Walmart money, was Rory Lancman inadvertently implicating Shelly Silver and Andrew Cuomo?

The Pedro Espada trial concluded, with prosecutors accusing the former State Senator of using his network of health clinics as his personal ATM.

The Bloomberg administration named Rahul Merchant, who worked in technology leadership roles for Merrill Lynch and Fannie Mae, to head up its embattled tech efforts.

Former City Finance Commissioner Martha Stark was fined $22,000 by the Conflict of Interests Board for using her city computer account to send emails for her job with a real estate company.

Robert Kennedy, Jr no longer supports hydro-fracking. 

Cobble Hill parents plan to chain themselves to a local school to prevent DOE officials from carrying out asbestos removal while children are present.

Lend Lease, the giant construction company that worked on Citi Field, the renovation of Grand Central Terminal and other high profile projects, admitted yesterday that it overbilled clients and agreed to pay a $56 million fine, the largest construction fraud settlement in history.

Nicole Gelinas worries that David Paterson on the MTA board will mean a giveaway to the TWU.

Midsize farms want a spot at Hunts Point wholesale produce market in the South Bronx.

Cooper Union will begin charging graduate students tuition for the first time.

Tareq Salahi, White House party-crasher and star of the “Real Housewives of DC” is running for governor of Virginia. 

Last night’s results also ended the career of Tim Holden, a longtime Blue Dog from Pennsylvania. 

Mitt Romney and the RNC are now synchronizing their efforts. 

Hillary Clinton’s approval rating are reaching historic heights. 

As the general election kicks off, Barack Obama is dusting off key bits of his biography.  Morning Read: Romney Sweep; Unhappiness Over Schools; Weiner Jokes