Morning Read: Dicker To Pen Cuomo Bio; Captain Bloomberg; Living Wage Fallout

Fred Dicker will be writing an “authorized” biography of Andrew Cuomo, putting him in competition with another volume on the governor–already in the works–by the author Michael Shnayerson.

The Times takes a look at Mike Bloomberg’s piloting habits.

Keith Wright proposed legislation that would give community-education councils the power to veto plans to put charters in buildings also used by traditional public schools

The CEO of a Brooklyn charter school who made more than $1.4 million in taxes was busted for cheating on his income taxes.

George Pataki announced the creation of a SuperPAC to influence congressional elections in New York State.

Crain’s outlines how the Partnership for New York City pulled out of a living wage bill.

The revised bill will only impact 4-500 workers.

HTC for Grace Meng means a major labor split in NY6.

The Bloomberg administration failed to warn homeowners about changes in the way the city assessed the value of co-ops and condominiums, leading to a spike in some people’s property taxes last year.

A loophole in the state budget created a tax windfall for BlackRock, the world’s largest investment manager.

Andrew Cuomo used his executive authority to set up a health exchange bill in New York.

Kicked out of Zuccotti Park, Occupy protesters are taking to the sidewalk.

Corey Booker rescued a Newark woman from a burning building.

The Times blasts Chris Christie for canceling the ARC tunnel.

Albany lawmakers are pushing for tougher human trafficking laws.

Enviro groups called on the state to ban fracking.

John Dickerson takes a look at our low bar for umbrage. 

Morning Read: Dicker To Pen Cuomo Bio; Captain Bloomberg; Living Wage Fallout