Morning Read: Grenell Deletes Tweets; Manhattan’s Grip on Gracie; Cuomo Carves Out Schneiderman

Stay dry out there, folks–a flood watch has been issued for the city today. 

Top state and city Republicans, backed by some of Manhattan’s wealthiest financiers, began last week preparing the legal paperwork, strategy documents and a fund-raising network that will enable Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to run for mayor, Fred Dicker reports.

Can Bill de Blasio or John Liu end Manhattan’s grip on Gracie Mansion?

With Ed Towns out of the race, union endorsements are rolling in for Hakeem Jeffries. 

Andrew Cuomo has appointed his predecessor, David Paterson, to the MTA board. 

A possible truce between Lincoln Restler and Steve Levin appears to have fallen apart. 

The Times takes a look at the changing racial dynamics of Charlie Rangel’s congressional seat. 

Before he left the attorney general’s office, Andrew Cuomo transferred oversight of funds from a health insurance probe to the Dept. of Health, cutting out new AG Eric Schneiderman’s role.

The top 2013 mayoral contenders slammed Walmart after a New York Times investigation revealed widespread bribery on the part of the company’s top executives to officials in Mexico.

Francisco Moya has arranged for a lawmaker Karaoke night in Albany–details remain scarce.

The Fidler/Storobin race is costing the city $1 million, even though the official winner will serve no longer than 8 months in office.

The Cuomo administration pressed the State Senate to disinvite a whistleblower from a hearing on abuses in the Developmental Disabilities office.

The New York City government is experimenting with Wikis.

A woman whose daughter was killed by mentally ill person is pressing lawmakers to strengthen a law that allows the courts to forcibly administer treatments to dangerously disturbed individuals, but says Assemblymember Felix Ortiz keeps blocking it.

An Albanian-American lawmaker is challenging Naomi Rivera in The Bronx.

Residents of a tony Manhattan block that is surrounded by some nightclubs want street parking banned on weekend nights, since too many clubgoers use their cars to have sex in.

Chuck Schumer is leading an effort to freeze the interest rates for college loans.

Craft beer brewers are lobbying Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the right to renegotiate their contracts with beer distributors. 

Advocates bashed the city for searching for actors to play the homeless–rather than casting the homeless themselves–in upcoming PSA’s.

Fines generated from the TWU’s illegal strike in 2005 has led to several thousand members not paying enough in dues, and thus losing the “good standing” with the union.

Standing water in a birdbath can now bring a fine as city officials try to battle West Nile virus.

Drivers with outstanding fines will find that their cars gets a metal boot.

The Etan Patz was re-opened when a new, junior agent was assigned to the case.

Another music venue in the East Village is set to close. 

Five states are voting tomorrow, but with Mitt Romney already the nominee, there is concern turnout will be low. 

Marco Rubio is joining him on the campaign trail. 

Ron Paul says that the GOP race isn’t over yet. 

As the economy is approving, so is Barack Obama’s approval rating in swing states. 

New Mitt Romney spokesman Richard Grenell scrubbed his Tweets and personal blog that attacked Democratic women and the Gingriches.

Morning Read: Grenell Deletes Tweets; Manhattan’s Grip on Gracie; Cuomo Carves Out Schneiderman