Morning Read: Bye Bye ‘Buffett Rule,’ Ray Kelly’s Lunch Date

The so-called “Buffett Rule” didn’t survive a procedural vote in the United States Senate.

Staten Island GOP leaders are taking NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly out to lunch in an effort to convince him to run for mayor.

Governor Andrew Cuomo will make his 2011 tax return available to reporters today.

The State Senate shot down a bill to end mayoral control of city schools.

Bronx assemblyman Eric Stevenson collected $31,351 in taxpayer-funded per diems for trips to Albany, but he says the trips were necessary and he doesn’t “go there to sunbathe.”

New York City’s poverty rate grew by 1.3 percent from 2009 to 2010, the highest increase since 2005 when the city adopted its current methodology for calculating the rate.

The Dominican government issued a formal apology after the country’s former president, who’s campaigning to take back his old job, said President Barack Obama was “born in Africa” at a campaign event in New York with State Senator Ruben Diaz.

More than 100 Occupy Wall Street protesters attended a “sleep-out” at Federal Hall last night where there were some arrests and arguments with neighborhood residents.

In an op-ed, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says New York will be forced to hold an “unneeded fourth election this year because the Senate Republican majority stubbornly refused to conform our election law to a federal court’s ruling.”

Teachers unions gave State Senate Democrats $85,000 worth of donations after they skipped the vote on Tier 6 pension reform, which the unions vigorously opposed.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer wants to restore New York City’s suburban commuter tax.

Students at schools slated for closure by the Bloomberg administration face hardships.

New York’s First Girlfriend, Sandra Lee, gave her primo seat at a screening of the new movie “Chimpanzee” to Governor Cuomo’s daughter.

Binghampton mayor Matt Ryan isn’t challenging State Senator Tom Libous for his seat, but he’s filing an ethics complaint against the senator for allegedly using political favors to secure his son a high paying job with a law firm.

Congresswoman Kathy Hochul got her re-election effort off to a strong start by raising $355,359 in the first quarter of this year.

Donations are pouring into the race for the 25th Congressional District in Monroe County.

Billionaire donors who backed Mitt Romney’s opponents in the GOP presidential primary are showing signs they’re ready to stop backing “rogue candidates.”

Morning Read: Bye Bye ‘Buffett Rule,’ Ray Kelly’s Lunch Date