Morning Read: Cuomo Tracks Benjamin; Gov Low-Key At DNC; Mayor Kelly?

Ben Smith reports that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office kept a dossier on super-blogger Liz Benjamin in which moments of snark on her blog were pulled out and underlined.

Fred Dicker reports that Ray Kelly may in the end decide to run for mayor. 

The Times pins Ed Towns decision not to run on his district leader race loss last year and his daughter loss for his son’s Assembly seat. 

He hasn’t been asked, but if he were, Andrew Cuomo would turn down a major speaking slot at the DNC.

Adam Clayton Powell is considering backing Charlie Rangel for re-election. 

Rory Lancman is set to pick up CWA today. 

The Post slams Christine Quinn as a “pander-bear” for pushing a banking regulation bill through the City Council.

When Mike Bloomberg tried to file a complaint about a vacant lot through the city’s 311 IPhone app, he went through the roof when he realized it doesn’t work very well.

Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand often fly on chartered jets around the state on the taxpayer’s dime. 

Competition for top middle school slots has been a boon for the test prep industry.

Harlem residents have been unable to save a dilapidated brownstone. 

The leader of a breakaway faction of the carpenters union has mob ties. 

Advocates bemoan the loss of daycare slots in this year’s budget. 

State lawmakers have introduced a bill that would repeal mayoral control of schools.

There was an apparent plot to assassinate Hugh Carey before he became governor in 1974.

The Obama team is very reluctant to talk about the economy.  Morning Read: Cuomo Tracks Benjamin; Gov Low-Key At DNC; Mayor Kelly?