New York Sues Sprint for Tax Fraud

Guess they're not the telecom good guys after all.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (Getty)

Sprint, the company your Dad uses for his holstered Nextel walkie talkie, apparently thought they could get away with not paying taxes. As it turns out, the reason Sprint contracts have been so cheap in recent years is because the company has been committing tax fraud, at least according to a new lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

The suit alleges that Sprint failed to bill wireless customers for more than $100 million in taxes over the last seven years. Mr. Schneiderman claims that it was all part of Sprint’s ploy to lure customers over to its side from Verizon and AT&T.

Hey, Sprint: That was really awesome of you to try to make cell phone bills cheaper for your customers, but maybe you could have done it in a legal, not evil way? Because now all those customers who are super happy with their slightly less expensive bills will probably desert you once their bills inevitably go up.

What was all that about being the heroic underdog of the wireless business? New York Sues Sprint for Tax Fraud