Newt Gingrich May Actually Be Ready To Call It Quits

Newt Gingrich

Delaware may be Newt Gingrich’s Waterloo. In an interview with NBC News, Mr. Gingrich revealed he will “reassess” his doomed presidential campaign depending on how he does in tonight’s Delaware primary.

“I think we need to take a deep look at what we are doing,” Mr. Gingrich said. “We will be in North Carolina tomorrow night and we will look and see what the results are.”

Though Mitt Romney has emerged as the presumptive Republican nominee with a string of primary victories, Mr. Gingrich has focused much of his attention on the tiny state of Delaware for the past several weeks. There are 17 delegates at stake in Delaware, a miniscule fraction of the more than 500 delegate lead Mr. Romney has on Mr. Gingrich. Despite Mr. Gingrich’s efforts in Delaware, Mr. Romney is expected to easily win the primary there.

Mr. Gingrich’s admission he might be willing to “reassess” his campaign is a major change of heart for the former Speaker of the House. Last week, Mr. Gingrich told an audience at the New York State Republican Party dinner he was staying in the presidential race “to articulate big themes and big issues.” Two weeks ago, Mr. Gingrich vowed to take his futile quest for his party’s nomination all the way to the Republican convention, pointing to his forehead and telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity, “I think I’m getting it tattooed up here, ‘All the way to Tampa.'”

Newt Gingrich May Actually Be Ready To Call It Quits