Oops: Boxee Says Unimpressive Numbers Were Just A Twitter Fail

Please stop relying on interns for Twitter, people.

So how’s that cordcutting revolution coming? In a post yesterday, GigaOm’s Janko Roettgers pointed out an @Boxee tweet with some less-than-stellar figures. Replying to a question regarding active users, the company revealed they’re at 2 million total users–only 200,000 of them Boxee Box users. If true, that would leave an awful lot of people holding onto that discontinued PC client.

Only it’s not true, as those numbers are apparently outdated. Upon reaching out for a comment, Betabeat was informed by Boxee’s Liz Dellheim via email that it was all the intern’s fault:

“We don’t release numbers for Boxee Box sales – it was an intern handling our Twitter feed who quoted an outdated number. Since it’s a D-Link product, we let them quote sales numbers. This year we surpassed 2 million users worldwide and while at this time the PC represents a bigger user base than the box, we expect that to shift by the end of this year.”

Of course, that dumps us back at square one. We’re not sure just how “outdated” that number is, which leaves us without a real sense of total active Boxee Box users.

Regarding the PC client, Ms. Dellheim added that while they’re not actively distributing it, there are still plenty of people downloading it from other sources. “So it lives on,” she told us.

Guys: We all love interns, but let’s please remember that they are poorly paid for a very simple reason, and that is that they aren’t ready for primetime. Proceed accordingly. Oops: Boxee Says Unimpressive Numbers Were Just A Twitter Fail