Paladino: Press Has Worked to Undermine Newt Gingrich’s Candidacy

Carl Paladino (Photo: NY1)

For Republican voters in New York, it’s Election Day today and you have the choice of voting for Mitt Romney for president, or for one of the three other names on the ballot, two of whom are still technically vying for the nomination.

And it’s sentences like the above that has fueled former gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino’s latest beef.

“You guys in the press have been beating down any opposition to Romney for months. You started four or five months ago telling us, ‘Romney’s going to win. Romney’s going to win,’ and trying to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy,” he declared on Inside City Hall last night. “That’s wrong!”

Mr. Paladino proceeded to suggest the press is in the tank for Mr. Romney because he’s paying them off with gobs of money spent on advertising.

“Romney has spent an awful lot of money. Where did the money come from? Who’s buying this election?” he asked. “You never bring that up, but he’s fed a lot of money to the press and to the TV stations for rotten negative advertising. That’s how he has gotten where he is.”

When the media keeps reiterating Mr. Romney’s advantages, Mr. Paladino said, the public blindly starts supporting him.

“Yes, they like to be on the side of the winner,” he said. “When the press is telling them that Romney is the winner, they say, ‘Well I guess I’m for Romney.’ That’s an easy formula to figure out.”

Mr. Paladino’s preferred candidate in the race? Newt Gingrich. Asked for a prediction, Mr. Paladino said, “I think you’re going to see a resurgence that will start right here in New York State. I think Romney’s going to be very surprised by the results tomorrow.”

The latest Siena poll, taken before Rick Santorum dropped out, had Mr. Gingrich at 6% and Mr. Romney dominating the field. Mr. Gingrich, who can’t even really be called a long shot at this point, has been focusing on Delaware, which also votes today. Paladino: Press Has Worked to Undermine Newt Gingrich’s Candidacy