Picksie Bets Ticket Sales Will Help Them Standout In the Location Game

Picky pickers can pick with Picksie.

Picksie's Interface

Launched in late 2010, Picksie is a location-based app serving up recommendations for smartphone users in search of something to do or somewhere to eat. In the interest of ensuring that your social life run as smoothly as possible, they’ve just integrated ticket purchasing into the app. It is time for you shut-ins to take in some local culture, and they mean business about facilitating it.

The idea behind Picksie is to leverage as much data as possible–where you’ve been, previous reviews, even the day’s weather–and pick restaurants, night clubs, and bars accordingly. Of course, there’s one small problem: That requires some up-front user investment, which you’ve already used up checking in to Foursquare and rating things on Yelp.

But the app’s designers at Jersey City-based Ishi Systems seem confident that adding another layer of data points (like whether a given bar is actually open) offers a competitive difference. So far Picksie is only available in New York and San Francisco.

All that said, the addition of ticket purchasing is a smart move. Picksie users have been able to find and buy movie tickets for almost a year, but this particular update adds sporting events, concerts, Broadway shows, and so forth into the mix. That means that someone lingering in Times Square (for some mysterious reason) could pull up a list of nearby events, decide on Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and purchase seats without leaving the app.

In a phone conversation earlier today, product manager Saju Thomas told Betabeat:

“Events are probably not the most promoted concept, and a lot of people don’t know certain things going on in their area, and they don’t plan for it, and they miss things they would have gone to if they had known about it. So we feel this is a core aspect of what our experience has been, and this has been a gap we have been working on filling.”

Plans for the rest of the year include rolling out more social features. Mr. Thomas said they’re also working on ways to highlight places featured on television shows, offering the example of  “Man Vs. Food” and explaining it’s an especially attractive addition for a city as oft-televised as New York. Picksie Bets Ticket Sales Will Help Them Standout In the Location Game