Pinterest Adds Vimeo, Likely Attracts More Eyeballs

The social network just can't stop, won't stop.

Pinterest In All Her Glory
What could possibly entice users of the famously sticky Pinterest to spend longer on the site? How about the addition of Vimeo pinning? Yup, that sounds about right. According to the company blog, the new functionality works just like YouTube pinning (available since last August) and, as an example, they’ve pinned that slightly heartbreaking short about the kid who built himself an arcade out of cardboard.

We’re interested to see how–or whether–the addition alters the tone of the site. YouTube videos are all well and good, but a quick perusal of the site’s “everything” feed suggests it’s not a huge part of the network. (Do you go to Pinterest for music videos? No, you go to stare longingly at erotically photographed sandwiches and manic pixie dream sundresses.)

That said, Vimeo is a slightly different beast. Favored by artistic types looking to demonstrate their chops, the site has a reputation for hosting high-quality content that dovetails a little more neatly with the Pinterest brand.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some spinach dip recipes to repin. Pinterest Adds Vimeo, Likely Attracts More Eyeballs