Pollock’s ‘Mural’ Travels Across Iowa

Watch it go!

'Mural' (1951). (Courtesy Tim Schoon/University of Iowa)

Mural (1951), the prized Pollock owned by the University of Iowa Museum of Art which various politicians periodically propose selling to cover budget gaps, is on the move. (Thank you to Kayla Rakowski for bringing this to our attention on Twitter.)

After three years on view at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport, Iowa, where it had been since a flood devastated the University of Iowa’s campus, it’s heading to the Des Moines Art Center. And thanks to the university’s IowaNow blog, you can view a superb slide show of the work involved in moving a painting that measures 8 feet by 20 feet and weighs some 645 pounds when it’s properly outfitted for a journey. To add a bit more drama, Mural is widely regarded as one of the artist’s landmark works, and has been valued at more than $100 million.

There’s a harrowing moment in the process that requires art handlers to perform some extra labor, but we don’t want to give it away here. View the slide show here. Another bonus: you can get a little peek at some of the Figge’s galleries, which feature a Marsden Hartley painting and a huge Sol LeWitt wall drawing.

Those seeking more documentation of art handlers at work are advised to view this post about the installation of one of Cindy Sherman’s floor-to-ceiling wall murals at the Museum of Modern Art.

The Pollock, which was donated to the University of Iowa by art dealer Peggy Guggenheim, who commissioned it in 1943 for her New York townhouse, is on view at the Des Moines Art Center through July 15.

Pollock’s ‘Mural’ Travels Across Iowa