Quotation of the Day: The Ideal Public Artwork

Public art. (Photo by Cindy Who/Flickr)

Yesterday, officials at the 2012 Olympics canceled Olafur Eliasson’s public art project for the games, which, as our colleague Dan Duray reported yesterday, “would have invited participants to inhale and exhale on behalf of a cause, then captured that cause in a ‘breath bubble’ on a website.” 

Mr. Eliasson now joins the ranks of artists, from Fred Wilson to Claes Oldenburg, who have had public projects rejected. In their honor, we offer art critic Walter Grasskamp’s suggestion for an ideal work of public art, a snowman: “He’s popular, his symbolic content is anchored in the collective consciousness, he’s cheap, and above all, he doesn’t last long.”

Source: Walter Grasskamp, “Invasion aus dem Atelier,” in Unerwunschte Monumente–Moderne Kunst im Stadtraum, edited by Walter Krasskamp, 2000, in “Whose Art Is It?” by Jane Kramer, Public Art Review, Vol. 1, Issue 35 Quotation of the Day: The Ideal Public Artwork