Ray Kelly ‘Contemplating’ Taking a Shot At City Hall

Ray Kelly (Photo: Getty)

The good people at Daily Intel caught up with NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly at a cocktail party before last weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner and they asked the city’s top cop about the mounting calls for him to run for mayor. Mr. Kelly, who has faced mounting criticism this year, quipped he was having enough trouble holding on to his current position.

“I’m the police commissioner. I’m running for police commissioner,” Mr. Kelly said. “I want to hold on to my job.  I don’t know — I might be out the door!”

The reporter pressed the point and Mr. Kelly admitted he was thinking about the possibility of a mayoral run.

“I’m still contemplating that,” he said.

Conservatives, including State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox, and the editorial page of the New York Post, have been pushing for Mr. Kelly to run. Supermarket mogul John Castimatidis, the other man widely named as a possible Republican candidate, has said he would stay out of the race if Mr. Kelly makes a move and that he personally “urged Ray to run.”

Ray Kelly ‘Contemplating’ Taking a Shot At City Hall