Rome Prizes for Polly Apfelbaum, Nari Ward, More

The 2012 Rome Prize poster. (Courtesy American Academy in Rome)

The American Academy in Rome just announced the winners of its 116th annual Rome Prize Competition, and among them are a number of artists, including Polly Apfelbaum, Carl D’Alvia, Glendalys Medina and Nari Ward. The winners, as well as their compatriots in fields like architecture, ancient studies and historic preservation, will receive room and board for six month to two years in Rome, along with a studio or study and a stipend.

Ms. Apfelbaum, whose project carries the tantalizing title “Rome and the Flatbed Picture Plane,” now has a great two-part show on view at D’Amelio Gallery and the Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden.

The complete list of winners reads as follows:

Erik Adigard, Design
Ross Benjamin Altheimer, Landscape Architecture
Polly Apfelbaum, Visual Arts
Patrick Baker, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
Peter Jonathan Bell, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
Joshua Colin Birk, Medieval Studies
Emma Blake, Ancient Studies
Nicholas Blechman, Design
Pablo Castro Estévez, Architecture
Anthony Cheung, Musical Composition
Lucy Corin, Literature
Carl D’Alvia, Visual Arts
Steven J.R. Ellis, Ancient Studies
Jessica Fisher, Literature
Mari Yoko Hara, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies
Thomas Hendrickson, Ancient Studies
Jesse Jones, Musical Composition
Brenda Longfellow, Ancient Studies
Randall Mason, Historic Preservation and Conservation
Camille S. Mathieu, Modern Italian Studies
Karen M’Closkey, Landscape Architecture
Glendalys Medina, Visual Arts
Claudia Moser, Ancient Studies
William O’Brien Jr., Architecture
Dominique Kirchner Reill, Modern Italian Studies
Irene San Pietro, Ancient Studies
Beth Saunders, Modern Italian Studies
Elizabeth Kaiser Schulte, Historic Preservation and Conservation
Denton Alexander Walthall, Ancient Studies
Nari Ward, Visual Arts

Rome Prizes for Polly Apfelbaum, Nari Ward, More