Romney Campaign: ‘It’s On’

Mitt Romney campaigning in Wisconsin last weekend. (Photo: Getty)

After Mitt Romney’s victories in the Wisconsin, Maryland and District of Columbia presidential primaries last night, he has more than half the delegates he needs to lock up the Republican nomination. According to Mr. Romney’s press secretary, Andrea Saul, President Barack Obama has taken notice of Mitt’s momentum. In an email to supporters sent after his three wins last night, Ms. Saul said the president is turning to negative ads because it’s clear “Americans across the nation are rallying around Mitt’s positive vision and plan for our country.”

“Mitt is well on his way to the nomination. And given the sudden increase in excuses and blame from President Obama, it’s apparent President Obama’s team is aware of that as well,” Ms. Saul said.

As evidence the president is noticing her candidate, Ms. Saul cited a recent ad in which the Obama campaign accuses Mr. Romney of being beholden to “Big Oil.

“President Obama dipped into his soon-to-be $1 billion war chest yesterday to air an ad talking about high gas prices. And guess who he blamed? Mitt Romney. Does the President honestly believe Americans are that naïve?” Ms. Saul wrote. “He is the President of the United States. He is responsible for high gas prices, an anemic economic recovery, record home foreclosures, and trillions in debt on his watch. There are a lot of qualities that you look for in a president — blaming other people is not one of them.”

Ms. Saul finished her email by warning her readers to “get used to these types of ads from the Obama political machine” because “this is how they will run their campaign.”

“And this is why they’ll lose,” she added.

Like almost all messages from political campaigns, Ms. Saul’s email ends with a request for donations.

Romney Campaign: ‘It’s On’