Roundup: 2013 on Twitter; How To Get The Big Dog’s Love; Whither Sharpton

Richard Ravitch said that municipalities need to sacrifice to pull through these fiscal times.

Andrew Rasiej said that 2013 candidates need to step it up on tech.

Julie Menin made a cameo on The Daily Show.

Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes sat on a rape recantation for nearly a year while two men accused of the crime sat in prison.

The State Senate passed MMA.

Shelly Silver may push for public financing of the comptroller’s race.

Which way will Al Sharpton go in the Jeffries/Barron race?

Andrew Cuomo, meanwhile, seems likely to go with Jeffries.

Hedge funds love Andrew Cuomo.

Albany lawmakers are trying to rebuild the MTA lockbox.

Joshua Greenman says that the flirtation with Ray Kelly comes from a wariness about Democrats who seem too small for the job. 

Manhattan Madam Kristen Davis is considering running in 2013.

Scott Brown is taking heat for taking donations from Yankees president Randy Levine.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has $32 million in reserve in battleground states.

Democrats are surging in House swing districts.

If you want Bill Clinton’s support, its best to have supported Hillary.

Matt Miller wonders who decides what presidential campaigns are actually about.

Why Mitt Romney can’t stray too far from the base.

The Obama campaign started targeting Latino voters.

Romney appears to have the momentum.

Romney approves of Fox News.

And RIP Dick Clark. Roundup: 2013 on Twitter; How To Get The Big Dog’s Love; Whither Sharpton