Roundup: Fidler vs. Storobin; Sanders Gears Up; The Northeast Candidate

Vintage Adriano Espaillat (Photo: Facebook)

Colby Hamilton has a good roundup of today’s proceedings in the David Storobin/Lew Fidler special election.

James Sanders will challenge Shirley Huntley in the Democratic primary.

Reshma Saujani: “Abraham Lincoln lost 11 times before he won.”

Governor Cuomo: “The more transparent the better. I get it, and we’re doing everything we can.”

Vince Morgan pondered dropping his congressional bid.

Mayor Bloomberg lamented the all-Democratic primary field.

David Paterson bet on Charlie Rangel.

Shelly Silver, who has a side job himself, defended the practice.

Capitol Confidential reviewed other states’ legislative salaries.

A Daily News writer approved of Jeff Klein’s minimum wage report.

New Yorkers support increasing the minimum wage.

There’s another campaign finance reform push coming.

Labor is targeting employers in their unionization efforts.

Governor Cuomo’s press team was all about parks today.

John Liu said his office is working just fine.

Jerry Nadler will ladle kosher soup.

The Working Families Party kept fighting for the G Train.

On the presidential race:

Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are coming to New York

Romney doesn’t want to be labeled as the “Northeast candidate.”

Guy Molinari said Rudy Giuliani is about to get behind Mitt Romney.

Michigan was Romney’s big win.

Santorum’s wife “reports” to him regularly on issues important to female voters.

Roundup: Fidler vs. Storobin; Sanders Gears Up; The Northeast Candidate