Roundup: I Wake Up Now And Everything Is Not My Fault

Kirsten Gillibrand went shopping with Gabby Giffords in anticipation of the Emily’s List Dinner tonight.

Andrew Cuomo is unconcerned about the prospect of Mitt Romney fulfilling a campaign promise and shuttering HUD since “I don’t think he’s going to be president.”

Cuomo also hasn’t taken the subway since he was sworn in as governor.

Chuck Schumer is calling for a bill that would negate the Arizona immigration law if the Supreme Court fails to.

Vito Lopez will hear from loft tenants tonight about holes in the Loft Law.

Eliot Spitzer suggested that the Justice Dept. was turning “a human tragedy into a crime” with its prosecution of John Edwards.

Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes denied a FOIL request for the release of the  names of Orthodox Jews charged with sex crimes.

David Paterson on what he doesn’t miss about being governor:  “I wake up now and everything is not my fault. “

Nan Hayworth, Chris Gibson and Mary Ann Buerkle were given extra support to defend their seats from the NRCC.

The Dems did ditto for Mark Murphy and Julian Schreibman.

Even with Ed Towns out of the race, Hakeem Jeffries is preparing for a real campaign.

Scott Stringer held an anti-stop-and-frisk rally with Martin Luther King III.

Rudy Giuliani wants Mitt Romney to make an early VP-pick, so the candidate isn’t as caught unawares as Sarah Palin was.

More mistakes were found on state education tests.

A brawl earlier this month at the New York Athletic Club has embarrassed members.

Chris Christie isn’t happy that the Nets are leaving New Jersey.

Barack Obama embarked on a two-day trip to capture the youth vote.

Young voters back Obama, but by less of a margin than they did in 2008.

GQ writes about “one of the undeniable pleasures of the 2012 campaign: the chance to see our actual goofy, lovable veep out on the campaign trail.

Ezra Klein notes that if Romney wins, it will likely mean that the GOP takes the House and Senate too.

Since Romney is basically running unopposed tonight, the results will make clear exactly how large the anti-Romney vote is.

Rush Limbaugh picked on Sandra Fluke again. Roundup: I Wake Up Now And Everything Is Not My Fault