Roundup: No Money For Little League?

Mike Bloomberg dropped his Fresh Kills waste to energy plan after protests. 

Christine Quinn is delicately distancing herself from Bloomberg. 

Clyde Williams pilled in $120,000 this quarter, including some big names. 

Tony Avella wonders why Andrew Cuomo can find money for Black Rock but not for little league.

An online poll of possible book titles for Fred Dicker’s Cuomo bio. 

The Obama campaign tweaked Mitt Romney for not releasing his taxes. 

The Fox News mole went on CNN. 

Bob Kerrey raised more than $900,00 since entering the Senate race in Nebraska in February. 

Nearly 60 Catholic theologians pushed back on Paul Ryan’s notion that his budget is guided by Catholic theology. 

Definitely the photo of the day.

There will be a 63rd Senate Seat.

Mitt Romney made his pitch to the NRA.

Is Scott Brown boxed in by his pledge to not use a SuperPAC.

Kirsten Gillibrand announced legislation on e-waste.

Why 2008 will not be like 2012 for Team Obama. 

A profile of the stylish man who managed Rick Santorum’s campaign. 


Roundup: No Money For Little League?