Roundup: Taxes for Electeds; Bloomberg Dodges Kelly Q; VP Christie?

Wendy Long has been burning through money at a rapid clip.

Rory Lancman introduced a bill that would take away Mayor Bloomberg’s power to take away John Liu’s power to set wage rates.

Andrew Cuomo released his income tax returns. 

Eric Schneiderman had to ask for an extension. 

Bill Thompson will be giving a speech at what sounds like a wild Williamsburg roof deck soiree. 

Mike Bloomberg dodged questions about Ray Kelly running for mayor. 

The Post did not however, saying “Go for it Ray.”

Jonathan Tisch wants public private partnerships to pay for our crumbling infrastructure. 

Bill Thompson called for a halt to all school closures. 

Mark Murphy staffed up. 

Peter King concedes that Mitt Romney is not very beloved in his native Long Island. 

Louise Slaughter wouldn’t be running for re-election if she thought she would be about to die. 

Chris Gibson welcomes the support of Alec Baldwin. 

Once upon a time, Mitt Romney thought mothers should work.

The GOP is more dependent on the white working class than ever. 

The White House is defending the Secret Service in the wake of a prostitution scandal.

Chris Christie left the door open to become vice-president. 

Mitt Romney has reformulated the attacks on his wealth by describing them as attacks on “America’s success.”

Romney is trying to win over conservatives. 

He did grab the endorsement of Mitch McConnell. 

The more corporations lobby, the less they pay in taxes.

The Tea Party seems to be losing popularity. 

House Dems outraised the GOP.


Roundup: Taxes for Electeds; Bloomberg Dodges Kelly Q; VP Christie?