Roundup: The One Element That Is Missing Is Repose

The Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to the city’s rent control laws.

Dana Rubenstein has the details on the Bill Thompson hot tubbing Williamsburg rooftop party hosted by Steve Kramer.

Liz Benjamin looks at how this weekend’s bombshell Walmart story is playing out in NY6.

1199 called on Sen. George Maziarz to stand down on Stand Your Ground.

State police are cracking down on phone use while driving.

Peter King sent a letter to the Secret Service over the Colombia hooker scandal.

Carolyn Maloney says that the scandal shows the need to diversify the secret service.

One-time Senate hopeful Marc Cenedella found a century old guidebook to New York.

The Etan Patz search ended without turning up much evidence.

Hailing from a swing state doesn’t count for much in veepstakes.

Jonathan Chait says that Barack Obama does in fact have a campaign theme, and it is that a intransigent Congress ismaking progress hard.

The John Edwards trial opened today, providing a public flogging for the man who twice came close to being president.

Mitt Romney’s budget plan includes cuts to  health research; NASA; transportation; homeland security; education; food inspection; housing and heating subsidies for the poor; food aid for pregnant women; the FBI; grants to local governments; national parks; and veterans’ health care.

Common Cause wants ALEC to own up to its corporate lobbying.

Barack Obama is taking on student loan debt in an effort to excite young voters.

Jon Huntsman sounds fed up with the Republican Party.

The Mitt and Marco show is coming to PA.

Roundup: The One Element That Is Missing Is Repose