Roundup: The Prep School Guys Continue To Be The Prep School Guys

Maggie Haberman takes a look at a possible Clinton-Cuomo primary in 2016.

The federal government rejected the Cuomo administration’s plans for transit-less Tappan Zee Bridge.

Carlo Scissura is dropping out of the  Brooklyn BP’s race to lead the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

Carl Kruger was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

The Hill takes a look at all of New York’s congressional races.

The special prosecutor tasked with investigating the WFP is Roger Bennet Adler, a former counsel to Clarence Norman.

Andrew Cuomo insisted that the tax cap is working.

Cuomo predicted a quiet legislative session--unless the redistricting lawsuit blows everything up.

New York looks like it will be spared from this season’s hurricane.

An upstate senator said that campaign finance reform favored candidates who could self-fund: “You’re just re-assuring that the prep school class guys continue to be the prep school class guys, and the public school guys stand in the back of the line.”

Common Cause pushed Eric Schneiderman to investigate ALEC.

Dominicans in the US could decide the presidential election there.

A former TV news director joined Andrew Cuomo’s press office.

A Brooklyn charter school forbade hugging between classes.

A field guide to the manly men of politics.

Karl Rove is is out with his first electoral map preview of 2012, and it contains good news for Barack Obama.

The GOP wants Barack Obama to repay taxpayers for his swing state trips.

GOP pollsters think the economy gives them a chance with swing voters.

Nancy Pelosi tied the college loan debate to “The War on Women.”

The downward spiral of Tucker Carlson.

Al Franken got emotional.

Rick Perry is not popular in Texas.


Roundup: The Prep School Guys Continue To Be The Prep School Guys