Sorry, Programmers: Designers are Now the New Rock Stars

At least according to Reuters.


All this time we thought programmers were the rock stars, but according to Reuters, designers are beginning to surreptitiously usurp that title. A breathless feature entitled “In Silicon Valley, designers emerge as rock stars” claims that designers are becoming just as valued as programmers when it comes to building startups. Who knew that in order for people to use a product, it has to look as good as it works? (Everyone.)

Most people apparently still think of designers as traditional art school students who can whip up Photoshop mockups but go cross-eyed when trying to implement them on the web. But designers aren’t just graphic artists anymore: now, they’re a double threat, because they can code and make things look pretty. And we don’t know if you’ve ever seen a programmer attempt to design a website, but for the most part it ends up looking exactly like Terminal, with neon green text on a black background, which is to say–ew.

According to Reuters:

In the latest generation of innovation, heavily concentrated in applications for mobile devices and social networks, and relying on ever-cheaper cloud-computing services, success depends not on whiz-bang technology, but rather, on a subtle sense of how to make features useful and engaging.

Ugh, now products have to be useful and engaging? It’s almost like a $150,000 salary isn’t even worth it any more.

Haha, JK.

Reuters is careful to remind readers who might get carried away that programmers are still the top dog in the Valley, with the note, “To be sure, engineers still occupy a rarefied perch at the top of the Silicon Valley hierarchy, and are the target of the fiercest recruiting battles.”

Perhaps the NYPD can knock those devs off their high ground.

Sorry, Programmers: Designers are Now the New Rock Stars