Soul Searching? Arianna Huffington Has an App for That

Huffington at the Time 100 Gala. (Image via Getty)

New Age/New Media guru Arianna Huffington’s love of sleep is well documented. There’s the “sleep your way to the top—literally” TED talk, the sleep challenge and the famous AOL nap rooms. That story that she hides her three BlackBerrys in the bathroom while she sleeps is inextricable from her personal mythology. 

Repeating it to WWD at the Time 100 Gala this week, she revealed that her PDA brood has grown since the New Yorker profile.

“When I sleep, I put all my devices in another room to charge,” she said, “I have four BlackBerries, one iPhone, two iPads.”

And it seems the increased connectivity demands a new mode of relaxation. She told WWD she’s launching an app called “the GPS for the Soul.”

“It’s a way for us to identify our stress levels and course-correct,” she said. “You would download the app, you would tap on the stress sensor, and it would give you your heart rate, breath rate, blood pressure. And then you would program it with the things that help you de-stress.”

Like this 103-slide slideshow of the worst celebrity jeans of all time, for example. Soul Searching? Arianna Huffington Has an App for That