The New York Ad-Tech Company That’s Growing at 150 Percent

Another Right Media alum has grown AppNexus from two employees to more than 200 in four years.

Mr. O'Kelley. (Businessweek)

Earlier today we told you about Moat, an advertising analytics/magic startup that will measure consumer response to an ad. Moat comes from some of the team behind Right Media, the advertising marketplace aquired by Yahoo in 2007 for more than $680 million. But what happened to Right Media founder Brian O’Kelley?

Mr. O’Kelley is the founder and CEO of AppNexus, a real-time exchange where ad network and publishers can bid on display spots in auctions that take place in the quarter of a second that it takes a page to load.

AppNexus’s went from two employees to 230 in about four-and-a-half years, Mr. O’Kelley told Businessweek in a video interview today. The company opened an office in London last year, an office in San Francisco two weeks ago, and is opening a Paris office next week. AppNexus hosts about 250,000 auctions a second, Mr. O’Kelley said.

“We exist to drive demand to the ad exchanges,” Mr. O’Kelley told TechCruch in 2010, though the relationship between AppNexus and Google, which has attempted to make its exchange more real-time, is more competitive than not. AppNexus also counts Microsoft as a partner.

Mr. O’Kelley also mentioned in 2010 that, “We’ve gone crazy on the revenue side in the past year.” That seems to be truer than ever. AppNexus’s revenues grew 150 percent year-over-year in the last two years, he said in the interview yesterday. Funny coincidence, that’s exactly how much Google says its competing exchange grew.

The New York Ad-Tech Company That’s Growing at 150 Percent