Third Listserve Lottery Winner Uses Opportunity To Expound Upon Diva Cups

"As my friends (and acquaintances) will attest, one thing that I’m an expert at is preaching about Diva Cups."

Ms. Stortz (Google+)

Well, the Listserve has launched, and while the first message from the NYU ITP listserv project came from a Swedish man sharing thoughtful advice on life, apparently not all of the messages can be so earnest. But that’s the pleasure of the Listserve! Ya never know what the hell is going to land in your inbox. Today, for example, the email lottery winner spent 450 words discussing the feminine product Diva Cup, which we will let you look up for yourself.

Adrienne Stortz handles e-strategy at Carnegie Hall and is apparently also a big fan and “expert preacher” of Diva Cups. Ms. Stortz decided to use her chance to have her voice heard by thousands to enlighten women everywhere about the joy of the Diva Cup. But rest assured she starts out the email with the following warning: “Male readers and squeamish ladies, this might get a little rough, but stick with me for a moment because this is important.”

We’re not sure what we would send to the Listserve if we ever won the lottery, but we are definitely too shy to ever expound upon the virtues of the Diva Cup. For this, we applaud Ms. Stortz: she successfully subverted the over-earnest model of Listserve in order to discuss (in an entertaining way) the importance of lady products. We just feel sorry for the poor fool chosen to follow up her performance.

Check out some of the mixed reactions to today’s email on Twitter below.

Third Listserve Lottery Winner Uses Opportunity To Expound Upon Diva Cups