Thrillist’s JackThreads Announces First Private Label, Goodale

"Designed in-house by Adam Gianotti, Goodale is a contemporary sportswear brand created specifically for the Jackthreads’ member."

Lookin' sharp.

Despite the fact that men’s lifestyle brand Thrillist acquired clothing club JackThreads back in 2010, JackThreads is actually a much bigger brand. So it makes sense that the fashion club for dudes would announce its first private label, Goodale, built in-house and exclusively for JackThreads members.

“We took a good long look at what products our guys like – which styles, colors, materials, etc. – and kept that in the back of our minds throughout the entire process,” said Jackthreads’ Founder and CEO Jason Ross in a press release. “Our goal here is to give our consumers exactly what they want at the price that they want it. And the more control we have over the design, cost and margin, the more we’ll be able to deliver for our members.”

The contemporary sportswear line is set to launch during JackThread’s nightlife sale tonight at 8pm.

Goodale is a line for “casual workwear” that revolves around a main staple of a pair of jeans made from “14oz raw salvage denim,” so basically it’s perfect for any startup employee’s uniform. Considering the cuffed pants and antique suitcases in the above picture, we have to imagine that’s exactly what they were going for: Martha’s Vineyard meets DUMBO! Or something. Thrillist’s JackThreads Announces First Private Label, Goodale