Unemployed Ohio Man Buys Picasso Print for $14

The print. (Courtesy Galerie Michelle Champetier)

An unemployed Ohio man paid $14.14 for a Picasso print worth up to $12,000 at a thrift store in Clintonville, OH.

Zach Bodish was laid off from his job at a local arts center and often visits the thrift store, looking for “kitschy art” to resell.

According to the New York Daily News, Picasso created the print as a poster for a 1958 exhibition in Vallauris, France.

Mr. Bodish told the Columbus Dispatch, “There’s a good chance I’ll probably sell it. I want to keep it, but money is tight.”

According to the Daily News, the vice president of Swann Auction Galleries in New York examined photos of the print and corroborated its authenticity saying, “It looks right as rain to me.” Unemployed Ohio Man Buys Picasso Print for $14